What is clinical sexology?

Simply put, clinical sexology is the diagnosis and treatment of sexual concerns and dysfunctions. It is a highly trained discipline that combines the resources of

  • physiology
  • psychology
  • religion
  • anthropology
  • philosophy
  • biology
  • zoology
  • medicine, and
  • sociology

with clinical sexology in providing sex therapy and counselling to persons with sexual problems.

What sexual problems and dysfunctions are treated?

Sexual dysfunction is defined as the inability of a person or couple to experience and maintain a satisfying and well functioning sex life. Sexual dysfunctions may include premature ejaculation, inability to achieve orgasm, painful intercourse, fear of intimacy or touch, guilt and shame around sexual issues, body image, and lack of sexual desire. Clinical sexology believes that much, if not most, sexual dysfunction is the result of one or more of the following conditions:

  1. Lack of knowledge of one's own body and especially one's genitalia and reproductive system.
  2. Lack of knowledge of how to experience and share sexual pleasure.
  3. Guilt and shame about one's body, one's sexual feelings and thoughts, and one's own sexual activity. This guilt and shame often have their roots in one's upbringing.
  4. Premature ejaculation, arousal disorders, fears around intimacy issues, inability to experience orgasm, and issues involved with sex and aging.
  5. Sex and Disability: counselling in sex for the disabled.
  6. Sex offender therapy: treatment for sex offenders.

Of course sex can also be used as the arena in which a couple choose, usually subconsciously, to work out their power or other issues. As well, sexual response, or lack thereof, can be a barometer of the health of the entire relationship. Both of these issues, if present, would be addressed as part of one's treatment program.

Therapy consists of counselling, education, instruction and guidance in the achievement of a sexually satisfying life. Sex therapy is provided with deep respect for every person's comfort level in a professional, ethical and safe environment.

What can a clinical sexologist do for you?

Clinical sexology approaches human sexual inadequacy and dysfunction using a variety of tools, of which counselling is just one. Sexology's central approach lies both in the counselling and education of clients as to their sexual selves, and in the practical and direct instruction on how to achieve sexual adequacy and fulfillment.

Clinical sexology addresses the treatment of sexual problems from an understanding of the cultural assumptions underlying human sexual behaviour. With trained precision, the clinical sexologist can enable people from a variety of backgrounds to experience sexually satisfying and fulfilling lives.

If you, or you and your partner are suffering from any sexual concern or inadequacy, you might want to consider making an appointment to see David McKenzie. David's expert knowledge and highly trained skill, as both a counsellor and a clinical sexologist, enable him to provide you with the most up-to-date treatments for sexual concerns of all kinds.

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