Dr. David McKenzie is dedicated to providing individuals and couples with the tools and skills required to have a deeply fulfilling personal life, marriage or intimate relationship as well as a satisfying and fun sex life! His warm, personable and non-judgmental approach provides for you a safe, comfortable and inclusive atmosphere in which to discuss your issues and concerns. 

Your childhood holds the key to nearly everything that is involved in your personal relationships as well as in your adult life.  Using the research-based theory of attachment along with a psychodynamic approach to counselling therapy, Dr. McKenzie works with his clients to probe deeply into the emotional and psychological issues driving their relationship and individual lives.  Each of us is raised in the community of our family-of-origin.   In fact the real "you" comes out in the intimate relationship that you have with your partner.  According to Imago Therapy, we choose a partner at a subconscious level to heal childhood wounds.  If that past is never integrated and healed within us, then we are bound to keep choosing the same type of partner over and over again.  The good news is that the relationship you are now in is the relationship that holds the key to your and your partner's inner healing. 

It is through David's unique approach wherein he helps individuals and couples to engage, heal and integrate early childhood issues that are getting in the way of a fulfilling life and realtionship.  Using Emotionally Focused Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Dr. David helps couples to build attachment with each other and to change destructive patterns of communication and behaviours into postive interactions. He does not believe in long, drawn-out therapy.  In fact most couples who come to see him find that an average of between six and twelve sessions is sufficient in getting their relationship on a positive and fulfilling track.

Sex never stands alone.  It is always connected to others issues both within the person and within the relationship.  Dr. David McKenzie provides highly trained and skilled sex therapy to both individuals and couples, using the therapeutic models described above along with homework assignments that include reading and communication practice as well as sensate focus and massage practised in the privacy of one's own home.

Sexual Rights for All Persons!

Counselling and therapy provided are guided by ethical standards that are set out at the start of the first session. The following sexual rights are affirmed for all persons:

  1. The freedom of any sexual thought, desire or fantasy.
  2. The right to sexual entertainment, freely available in the market place, including sexually explicit materials dealing with the whole range of sexual behaviour, provided that such materials do not involve non-consensual acts, violence, constraint, coercion, fraud or exploitation of children.
  3. The right not to be exposed to sexual material or behaviour.
  4. The right to sexual self-determination.
  5. The right to seek out and to engage in consensual sexual activity.
  6. The right to engage in sexual acts or activities of any kind whatsoever, provided that they do not involve non-consensual acts, violence, constraint, coercion or fraud.
  7. The right to be free of persecution or societal intervention in private sexual behaviour.
  8. The basic right of all persons,who are sexually dysfunctional, to have available nonjudgmental sexual health care.
  9. The right to control conception.
  10. The right of every person, partnered or un partnered, to pursue a satisfying sociosexual life, free from political, legal, or religious interference.
  11. The right to have mechanisms in society where opportunities of sociosexual activities are available to the following: disabled persons; chronically ill persons; those incarcerated in prisons, hospitals or institutions; those disadvantaged because of age, lack of physical attractiveness or social skills; and those who are poor and lonely.


Sex is to be Celebrated!

Our sexuality is not simply the dessert of our life, but rather the very keel of our lives... the centre beam which defines us, and shapes our view of the universe. Our sexuality is the motor which drives us into life and all of its wonders. That is why experiencing good sex with ourselves and our partners is both life giving and life supporting.

  • Good sex gives healing and health to life!
  • Good sex relaxes us and helps us to resolve tension.
  • Good sex unites us to one another emotionally.
  • Good sex involves self pleasuring as well as pleasuring another.
  • Good sex is fun!
  • Good sex is often!
  • Good sex is for all of life, through all life's stages.

If sex for you is not satisfying, due to guilt, inhibitions, a lack of desire or drive, premature ejaculation, inability to achieve orgasm, or to any other concerns or dysfunctions, why not consider contacting David McKenzie. Your visit will be treated with the utmost privacy and respect, as you would expect from a professional counsellor and sex therapist.

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