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Our aim in these e-newsletters is to stimulate your own thinking around issues affecting you in your everyday life... issues related to personal growth, relationships and human sexuality. In the end it is all about serving you and your needs. If there is a subject or issue you would like addressed please contact us. You will notice in our e-newsletters a place for your questions and our answers. Please address your questions directly to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. One or two questions will be answered in each newsletter edition.

We hope you will enjoy this first edition and will adopt our future e-newsletters as helpful and informative additions to your reading literature.

Dr. David McKenzie, Ph.D., RCC, AASECT, ACS

Sep 1, 2009

Invest In Your Relationship!

  • Are you missing intimacy, sex and passion in your relationship?
  • Do you wish to improve the personal and sexual intimacy that you already enjoy?
  • Would you like to acquire more effective communication and conflict resolution skills?

Join us at our November 14 and 15 Couples Relationship and Sexual Enrichment Weekend at the Fairmont Waterfront in beautiful Vancouver, B.C.
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Aug 5, 2009

Training for improved attention changes the brain, the mind ... and improves health

The term "mindfulness" refers to a specific form of intentional practice of focusing clearly and attentively on sensory experience in the present moment. This form of awareness is different from the more common approach of finding meaning in the narrative story of past history, present experience and future hopes into a meaningful understanding of self.
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Jul 24, 2009

Who’s happy, why – and how to get some

Well-being can be studied, measured - and the study results applied to improve your happiness quotient, according to the Mayo Clinic Women’s HealthSource.
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