Podcast with Tanja Shaw

March 23, 2016
Podcast with Tanja Shaw of ascendfitnesscoaching.com interviewing Dr. David McKenzie, Ph.D., RCC, AASECT (Certified).

Podcast: Taking Care of your Sexual Health with Dr. David McKenzie

A couple's letter to Dr. McKenzie:

"Dear Dr. McKenzie:  There are truly not enough words to tell you how much we appreciate the help you have given us to succeed in our marriage and not to be another statistic. In my husbands words: 'Best investment we have ever made in our life.'...This is the best gift I/we can give our daughters: a stable & happy relationship between my husband & I; that hopefully they will imitate in their adult life...and Sir, that is priceless!"

E & M (Vancouver)

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Dr. David McKenzie in the Media

For nearly six years Dr. David has been featured monthly on Shaw's Studio 4 with Fanny Kiefer.  In June, 2012 Studio 4 was discontinued by Shaw.  Dr. McKenzie wishes to thank Fanny Kiefer, Shaw staff and Studio 4 for having him on as a regular guest and resident counsellor and sex therapist and for their courtesy and support.  Click here to see a series of many of Studio 4's past video interviews with Dr. David McKenzie, courtesy of Shaw TV Studio 4, Vancouver, B.C.

November 5, 2010 CTV BC features extended interview of Dr. David McKenzie on female sexual desire.  Click this link: http://www.ctvbc.ctv.ca/servlet/an/local/CTVNews/20101029/bc_ctv_investigates_better_sex_1_101029/20101102?hub=BritishColumbiaHome

Is Sex Addiction A Legitimate Disorder?  by David J. Lay, Ph.D.


 Is Sex Addiction Really A Disorder? by Rory C. Reid, Ph.D.


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If you come across a man who's saying, 'I'm not good with money' and 'I can never commit to relationships', don't be blind. Believe what he says about himself...."
Dr. David McKenzie, Chatelaine Online, November, 2007.

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