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Dr. David McKenzie is a highly trained and experienced Registered Clinical Counsellor, specializing in couples counselling and sex therapy. 

David offers his clients over forty years of counselling experience that is backed by advanced supervised clinical training, post-graduate courses and training in counselling and certified registration with the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors. In addition, Dr. McKenzie is the only therapist in British Columbia that is registered and certified by the pre-eminent American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT).

Born and raised on the West Coast of British Columbia, David completed the majority of his College and University studies in Eastern Canada. After completing his undergraduate degree with honours, he went on to receive his Master's degree with honours in theology, history and counselling from the University of Toronto and served for over thirty years in the Anglican ministry.  Over those years many individuals and couples came to see David for counselling that involved sexual issues.  Not having been trained in sexology or sex therapy...as most pastors and counsellors are not...David felt the need to get further training in human sexuality.  His long-time concern with the church's historic sex-negative attitudes and teaching on human sexuality coupled with his desire to counsel individuals and couples effectively with a sex-positive approach led David to take early retirement from church ministry in 2000 and pursue the discipline of human sexuality in a Ph.D. degree, which was awarded to him in 2005.  David's doctoral dissertation provided ground-breaking sexuality research with Dr. Thomas Plante of Santa Clara and Stanford Universities and one of the world's leading sex researchers serving on David's Ph.D. Committee. 

Along with counselling individuals, Dr. David McKenzie specializes in couples therapy and sex therapy. David's counselling and therapeutic approach is secular. Although Dr. McKenzie deeply respects all religious and spiritual traditions and works within their respective value systems, his counselling and therapeutic approach is not religiously based.   He serves the straight and LGBTQ2 communities  He also serves the counselling needs of those involved in the lifestyle and in BDSM.

Happily married for over twenty-seven years with two grown children and four young grandchildren, David brings to his counselling and sex therapy first-hand positive experience.  As a Marriage Counsellor, Sex Therapist and Clinical Sexologist, David offers his clients marriage counselling, marriage help, sex therapy, sex advice, sex coaching, group workshops and educational events. A great many of Dr. David McKenzie's clients are referred by word of mouth. Although there is no medical referral required to see Dr. McKenzie, many of his clients are in fact referred to him by medical and psychological professionals who have confidence in his expertise.

Throughout his pastoral career, David distinguished himself as a highly trained and skilled counselling therapist. During that time many couples and individuals presented with a variety of sexual concerns and dysfunctions for which David had not been trained or equipped to treat. He also discovered that most professionals in either the medical or the counselling/psychological fields were also inadequately equipped or skilled to provide the necessary therapeutic treatment for these sexual issues. His skills in individual and marriage counselling, along with requests from clients for sex advice, sex therapy and general marriage help, propelled David in 2000 to leave church leadership for private practice and to seek out and study the science of sexology. This he did in order to equip himself with the proper training to serve his clients' needs. Dr. David McKenzie is board certified by the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT), the pre-eminent board in all of North American in the field of human sexuality.

Dr. McKenzie is a Registered Clinical Counsellor with the B.C. Association of Clinical Counsellors; and is a board certified Sexologist by the American College of Sexologists. David is also trained in the use of Emotionally Focused Therapy and has in recent past been a regular guest lecturer at the University of British Columbia Faculty of Medicine, Simon Fraser University aand Trinity Western University on Sex, Religion and Culture.  David continues to be a guest speaker to both undergraduate and graduate university students on the subject of sex therapy and is invited on occasions to speak at events sponsored by such groups as the Young Presidents Organization as well as by local, provincial and national organizations.

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Dr. David McKenzie's therapeutic approach is both unique and healing. Couples and individuals find that his personable, open and inclusive style, along with his highly trained skills and vast counselling experience, spanning over forty years in the area of individual and couple counselling make for a very successful therapeutic experience. Using a psychodynamic approach mixed with Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Sensate Focus Dr. McKenzie explores with his client(s) the deeper roots of what drives them personally and in their relationship. Effective communication techniques along with home exercises involving reading, discussion and light touching techniques (sensate exercises) enable the couple to connect with each other in a deep and significant way and to move into a greater understanding of both themselves and their partner. Sexual and relationship problems are addressed directly but gently, with high success rates reported by Dr. David's clients. If you are searching for a therapist for help with personal problems or a troubled marriage or for a sex therapist and clinical sexologist for help with a sexual issue, please contact Dr. David McKenzie to make an appointment. You will be met with dignity, courtesy, respect and confidentiality.

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Along with offering individual and couples counselling, David is also available for public speaking or group education events. As well, he leads workshops and classes in communication, conflict resolution, sex, religion and bereavement. His dynamic public speaking ability, coupled with his captivating approaches to the topic of human sexuality, make for a fun and educational time!

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An energetic, informed and compassionate therapist, he has a deep understanding of the conflicts and synergies of spirituality and sexuality, and can help clients deal with these.
Oliver Robinow, M.D., RCPSC Specialty - Psychiatry, Centre For Sexuality, Vancouver General Hospital

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