Dr. David McKenzie is a highly trained and experienced personal and couples' therapist, assisting his clients with developing effective communication, conflict resolution strategies and healthy, nurturing relationships.  In addition, Dr. McKenzie counsels individuals and couples facing sexual problems that include low sexual desire, premature ejaculation, inability to orgasm, erectile difficulty, vaginismus (involuntarily tightening of vaginal muscles thus preventing entry) and delayed ejaculation. Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Emotionally Focused Therapy are used in the therapeutic process along with Sensate Focus and Sex Exercises, ...


With very few qualified and certified sex counsellors and sex therapists practising within the greater Vancouver and Lower Mainland regions of British Columbia, many couples and individuals are left to wonder where they can go to seek help for their sexual problems.

David is available for public speaking or group education events, as well as for for leading workshops and classes in communication, sex, religion and bereavement. David's dynamic public speaking ability, coupled with his captivating approaches to the topic of human sexuality, make for a fun and educational time!

Counselling is also offered for:

  • grief
  • crisis
  • conflict resolution
  • abuse
  • depression

personal growth and other issues.



An essential resource for couples in their journey to intimacy. For most couples, falling in love is one of the most intense and pleasurable experiences they'll ever have. However, neither the body nor the mind can continue this intense state forever. People must eventually come down from this natural "high", and this typically occurs somewhere between three to six months into the relationship. Now what?

Dr. McKenzie charges $200.00 (incl. GST) for one therapeutic hour of 55 minutes with the first session being one and one-half hours (85 minutes) in length at the relevant fee of $300.00.  Each subsequent session is one hour in length.  An official receipt will be given for insurance or tax purposes.  For the initial session a pre-payment will be made via PayPal. PayPal links are on my homepage or on this present page.  Please do not make a PayPal payment until you have made your appointment with Dr. McKenzie.  After the inital session a client may pay by paypal or cash (no cheques please).


 To avoid being charged for a missed appointment, twenty-four hours notice is required for appointment cancellation or re-scheduling.

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Our Clients and Colleagues Say:

You have done more to help our relationship in two sessions than what we had previously experienced in six months of counselling. We are very lucky to have found you.

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